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Downloads for wholesale trade only: access our secure downloads area

Nursery / Office Hours
April: Mon-Fri, 7:30am-4pm
May-June: Mon-Fri, 7:30am-5:30pm
May-June: Sat, 7:30am-12pm
July: Monday-Fri, 7:30am-4pm
August-September: Mon-Fri, 7:30am-3pm
October-November: Mon-Fri, 7:30 am-3pm
December-March: CLOSED

Employee Lunch Hour is daily 12noon until 1pm
Office Hours Apply According to the Schedule above Mon-Fri.

Nursery Location
Intrinsic Perennial Gardens (IPG) is located approximately one mile east of Rt. 47, just north of Route 173 at 10702 Seaman Road in Hebron, IL

To Establish An Account
To establish an account for your business, please submit a fully completed New Customer Form. As proof of business, we will require the following:

1. Trade References
2. Statement understanding our Terms

Please call and ask Customer Service for a New Customer Form.

Our plants are primarily grown and overwintered outside without heat resulting in Hebron Hardy perennials! Availability begins the first week of April and continues through October. For best results order from our weekly list.

Price Quotes
Price quotes are generally returned the same day as requested. Please call if you do not receive a response within 24 hours. Price quotes are good for the calendar year they are quoted in.

Pick Ups and Orders
While we do not require minimum quantity orders, we do request your help in making peak season (April-June) orders less confusing by ordering in full case quantities. Full case quantities are as follows:  6-1 gallon per tray; 12-4 1/2” (qts.) per tray. 2 and 3 Gallon pots will be sold  individually. Our plugs come in 32 plug trays (2 1/2”), 50 plug trays, and 70 plug trays. Orders picked up at the nursery will be discounted 7% with advance notice. Please note, due to the high volume of pick up orders, we cannot honor the pick up discount without a minimum of 5 hours (1/2 day) notice.

Orders can be faxed to the nursery at (815) 648-2072 or emailed to sales@intrinsicperennialgardens.com. For those interested in faxing orders, we have Order/FAX sheets available. When faxing, please include all necessary information such as pick up or delivery and requested ship date. When faxing additions to an order, send only additions/changes or clearly state to disregard original order. Orders are pulled only when we have a confirmed ship date.

Customers are welcome to stop and shop at the nursery by appointment. Please Note: Spring backorders are generally ready June 1st but are crop dependent. Also, we can label plants with prices for a nominal label fee.

We are happy to accept used one-gallon containers in good condition.

Weekly Fax / E-Mail List For Customers
Our weekly broadcast publishes plants that are blooming, budding, have showy foliage and are available for delivery immediately. This plant list is available for active customers only. Just call (815) 648-2788 if you are interested in receiving Intrinsic’s Blooming List weekly in season. We can also e-mail your list if you prefer.

Email Orders
Email orders are now accepted at sales@intrinsicperennialgardens.com (but, if no response has been received within 24 hours, please follow up by calling us).

Delivery and Fuel Surcharge
Delivery is free for orders over $350.00 within 75 miles of our nursery. Orders below the minimum will be charged $60.00 delivery ($30.00 local if we are already headed your direction with another delivery). Outside of a 75 mile radius from our nursery, delivery fee will be determined case by case with a minimum delivery fee of $100. $1000 minimum order for deliveries over 100 miles. Due to uncertain fuel prices we have a 10¢ per mile fuel surcharge on all deliveries as long as fuel is over $2.00 per gallon. If fuel reaches $3.00 per gallon, the surcharge will increase to 20¢. Over $3.50 the surcharge increases to 25¢, and over $4.00 per gallon the surcharge is 30¢

Currently, we have three delivery trucks. We do our best to accommodate swift shipment of orders and delivery on the date requested. Generally, we ship one to three days from order date. We cannot give exact delivery times, please call the morning of delivery to get our best estimate!

Gallon plants are shipped in trays that are unpacked upon delivery. Trays are available for purchase for our current cost with advance notice. Trays kept by customers at the time of delivery will be charged, and this fee will be added to the order invoice.

If no one is on site to help unload plants on orders of fifteen cases or more, a $25.00 unloading fee will be added to the order invoice. Orders over 24 cases will not be unloaded without help.

Delivery Routing
While we do not follow a strict delivery schedule, general patterns are as follows. Please note, we are not limited to this pattern.

Locale/County    Area/Route    Day
Rockford, McHenry & WI    Local     Mondays
Lake & Cook    Rt. 41    Tuesdays
Cook    Glenview Area    Wednesdays
Cook, Kane & DuPage    Naperville / Palatine Area    Thursdays
Cook, Lake & McHenry    Rt. 12/Rt. 14 & Chicago    Fridays

Billing terms for first-year accounts are cash (C.O.D.) only at the time of delivery. Terms for established accounts are Net 30 Days. There will be a 1.5% per month service charge on accounts past due 30 days from date of invoice. Unless we have on file a copy of your Certificate of Registration, Certificate of Resale, or a letter containing tax exempt status on a certain job, we will collect 7% tax on all orders. Tax exempt job information must be presented at time of order. Please note: The Illinois Department of Revenue does not recognize out of state registrations. Therefore, our Wisconsin customers must pay sales tax when picking up orders in Illinois.

IPG also accepts Visa / Master Card payments.

Returned Check Policy
There is a $25.00 returned check fee. Accounts which present NSF checks will be set to C.O.D. until account remains paid in full for a minimum of three consecutive months.

Plugs / Contract Growing
We can contract grow any size from 70 plug to 3 gallon containers, etc. Contracts require a 33% nonrefundable down payment. Plugs on many of the varieties propagated by cuttings are available. Plug availability varies based on season.

Trade Names
Just a few notes regarding the correct use of trade names (™ /®): 1. Trade names always should be used in conjunction with variety names. 2. Trade names must be distinct from variety names. 3. Trade names are to be used like common names. 4. Trade names do not use single quote marks.

Volume Pricing/Discounts
Volume pricing is negotiable for quantities over 50 on many of our 1 gallon size plants. The 4 1/2” size groundcovers have the following special quantity prices. Volume discounts are available for companies with a history of current accounts and high volume sales. No discounts are allowed on overdue accounts.

Our Commitment
Our goal is to service fully each customer. If you are looking for additional services, please let us know how we can better serve you.

All plant material availability is subject to natural and unnatural conditions beyond our control. We try very hard to sell plants true to name and of high quality. We cannot be responsible for materials once accepted or after they leave the nursery.

Wholesale prices are for horticulture trade professionals only.