missionTo service our customers fast & fully.
Without customers we would not be in business and we realize the demands of a seasonal business require fast service. By having 4 trucks (5 in season), we can deliver to your yard or job any day of the week. Many times we are able to deliver next day if we have the order by 11:00 a.m. We strive to have what you are looking for in plants and service. If you let us know, we might already have the plant or provide the service you’re looking for. Some of our services you may not be familiar with are: custom growing or propagating for specific orders, and growing plants for the greenroof market.

To have healthy and happy employees.
Without healthy and happy employees it’s hard to grow and ship a nice plant and provide exceptional service. One way to keep our employees healthy is to not expose them to dangerous chemicals. We do this by virtually eliminating the use of chemical based insecticides and fungicides, and rarely and sparsely using herbicides except to control the most obnoxious weeds in the field. Working outside or with plants keep the employees happy. We’ve also implemented rewards and awards to recognize our outstanding employees.

Grows the best ornamental plants available, mainly perennials.
We don’t want to grow the most plants, just the best. While we are focused on hardy herbaceous plants, which include ferns and grasses, we also grow some tender perennials, shrubs, and vines. We don’t believe in growing plants that have similar interests when there is clearly one that is better, at least in our eyes. We also try well over 200 new plants a year which costs a lot of money and takes an even greater amount of time and effort to sort through and pick out the best plants. The non-herbaceous perennials that we grow are plants that tend to work well when used in a perennial garden or may not always be available in the trade.

To grow plants as naturally as possible.
This starts by virtually eliminating chemical insecticides and fungicides which we have hardly ever used anyway. When it comes to fertilizing we grow our plants on the lean side. We fertilize the soil to give the plants a strong start and supplement with liquid fertilizer; only enough to keep plants blooming well and only when weather is ideal. We tend to use natural products for pest control and we look forward to the day we can grow organic. There are times we will lose a crop rather than use a chemical to keep it alive and these plants tend to get eliminated from our list of plants to grow.

To breed and introduce new plants into the trade.
Breeding new plants gives us a competitive advantage by allowing us to sell plants that our competition doesn’t have yet. It also allows us to improve plants that have issues, like longevity in the garden, a new shorter habit, or a deeper or new color. It’s also very exciting coming up with a new plant that everybody wants, and by doing this we can give back to the trade.

To be profitable, not bigger.
(Not much explaining needed here) While growth is a part of doing business, it’s not an ultimate goal. If we can produce the same number of plants but sell more, that would be closer to our goal.

• Our variety of plants, we grow things that others don’t because we love plants.
•We grow things that make sense and make a difference in gardens. These plants are longer lived and will add dimension to your garden, not plants that just look good on a shelf.
•Biodegradable pot, local compost as soil, organic fertilizer, etc.
•Our fast turn around time! If we have room we can ship next day if orders are placed before 11:00 a.m.
•Our plant programs:
• Sedum Sampler
• Alpine Meadow
• Bio Divercity