Intrinsic Perennial Gardens Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Little Red Fox’ PPAF and ‘Sandhill’ PPAF

Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Little Red Fox’ PPAF and ‘Sandhill’ PPAF

April 2023
Press Release

Intrinsic Perennial Gardens, Inc. is excited to announce the introduction of two new vegetative cultivars of Little Bluestem.

Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Little Red Fox’ PPAF and ‘Sandhill’ PPAF

These native ornamental grasses were selected for their size and color. In the case of ‘Little Red Fox’ the plants start the season with a low basal tuft of blue green foliage, in July wire like stems push through growing 24-30” tall, which is on the short side for a little bluestem. Starting in August, with cool nights, the whole plant deepens with foliage turning toward purple along with silvered stems. As September progresses into October, the plant has multiple tones including red, purple, and silver. Plants stand up in the garden all winter long.

Compared to the species ‘Sandhill’ is on the tall side of little bluestem, at times reminiscent of Big Bluestem, due to it’s wider more substantial foliage. Like the bird, the plants are also upright with power blue foliage growing 4’+ tall and in time 18-24” wide.

Both varieties prefer an average to well-drained soil in full sun. Their hardiness is zone 3-9. Tissue Culture stage III plantlets are available from Microplant. And plugs are available from Intrinsic Perennial Gardens.

For more information on the plant and licensing Contact Brent Horvath at 800-648-2788 ext. 15 or