Intrinsic Perennial Gardens Sanguisorba x ‘Plum Drops’ PPAF

Sanguisorba x ‘Plum Drops’ PPAF

March 2023
Press Release

Intrinsic Perennial Gardens, Inc. is excited to announce our first Sanguisorba introduction.

Sanguisorba x ‘Plum Drops’ PPAF

Intermediate plants growing 3-4’ tall and 2’ wide, bloom heavy in August and continue into October with hundreds of finger shaped, plum colored flowers. The plants have clean deep green pinnnate foliage below the upright wiry like stems. These easy to grow and hardy plants prefer a moist to average soil in full sun. It combines nice with fall Asters and ornamental grasses like Calamagrostis and Deschampsia. While these plants are widely available in the EU, they are an up and coming genera in the US market.

For more information on the plant and licensing Contact Brent Horvath at 800-648-2788 ext. 15 or