Intrinsic Perennial Gardens Monarda bradburiana ‘Midnight Oil’ PPAF

Monarda bradburiana ‘Midnight Oil’ PPAF

April 2022
Press Release

We are excited to announce a new Intrinsic Introduction!

Monarda bradburiana ‘Midnight Oil’ PPAF

This Monarda is a vigorous form of bradburiana. It has purple new growth with purple stems and light pink spotted flowers in June followed by purple seed heads. These clumping plants reach around 18”-24” tall and wide. It prefers a well drained soil in full sun to light shade. The hardiness is zone 4-9 and can be planted in spring, summer or fall. This new Monarda combines nicely with other June bloomers like Allium and Stachys. Plants are available from Intrinsic Perennial Gardens, URC’s- unrooted cuttings are available from Quality Cuttings

For more information on the plant and licensing Contact Brent Horvath at 800-648-2788 ext. 15 or