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Sedum Sampler- This is a mix of 6 (minimum) or 12 trays 12 different varieties of sedum blended and chosen from the best looking plants at the time of the order. A great retail item, usually shipped April through July.

Alpine Meadow- (Available May-June only) A selection of 12 different Alpine or Rock garden plants selected at the time of the order for bloom and foliage. Sold 6 (minimum) or 12 trays at a time.

BIOdiverCITY Blend U.S. native plants tough enough for a Midwest greenroof have carefully been selected by Intrinsic Perennial Gardens to provide your Midwest greenroof with life and color. Striving to create a new biota through life and color for your greenroof.Like the prairie before and the city present, the BIOdiverCITY Blend® strives to connect our flora and fauna. By creating a new ecology on the roofs of our homes and businesses, and linking our parks and our gardens to the tops of our roofs.

Intrinsic Introductions- These are plants that we have introduced to the trade. Many have been selected or bred here at Intrinsic. Our breeding includes many species including Alliums, Echinaceas, Geums, Polemoniums, and Sedums. One of our main breeding goals is longevity and hardiness in the garden. These plants are grown in purple pots. More.


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